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Relief in Need Charity

Grants are available for household items such as furniture or white goods for individual named applicants who are unable to obtain a grant elsewhere. Applications must be made by a social worker, health visitor or doctor who knows the circumstances of the applicant; an application form can  be printed off, or is obtainable from the Clerk. (If your web browser does not print the form correctly, please email us and we will send you a copy by email or in the post.)

A cheque will be issued to the supplier of the goods or services, or the item ordered directly by the Charity – cash grants are not given. The applicant must be resident in the ‘ancient parish of Acton’ (see Map).

The John Perryn Relief in Need Charity

The objectives of this charity are identical to those above, but applicants can be considered who have moved into the area of operation very recently.

Social workers, health visitors or doctors should use the application form to make an application under the above two charities.

Educational Charity

An annual grant of up to £300 can be given to students, whose home residence is in Acton (see Map), to help with books or equipment. (We are not able to provide large grants for fees.) ‘Residence in Acton’ usually means that Acton is the student’s home address, or it was when the college or university place was applied for. Students must be over 18 (and under 25) years of age, and have entered a full-time course in the UK, usually of at least three years, which will lead to a recognised qualification. Grants are not given for courses in private schools or institutions. Applications must be made on a form which can be printed off or is obtainable from the Clerk, and must be accompanied by written proof from the place of education to show that the student has begun the session.

NB A new protocol for applicants for educational grants applies from 2018.  See the link below for more information and an application form.

Athawes Art Gallery

Small grants can be made to local organisations or artists mounting exhibitions or showcasing local artistic talent. Please write to the Chair or Clerk with details of the request.


Application forms are also available by post or email from the Clerk to the Trustees, c/o St Mary’s Parish Office, 1 The Mount, Acton High Street, London W3 8HA  (email:


Relief in Need application

Application form for Relief in Need grant

Educational Charity

Application for an education grant

Educational Charity - application form

Application form for Educational Charity

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