Annual Report

Annual Report 2019




The trustees are legally responsible for the overall management and decision making in the charity, and for its direction and performance. They meet twice a year. In 2019 the body of trustees consisted of:

One ex-officio Trustee (The Rector of the Parish of Acton): the Revd Nick Jones.

Five nominative Trustees (appointed by Ealing Council for a term of 4 years): John Delaney, Cllr Steve Donnelly, John Gallagher, Julian Gallant, Cllr Abdullah Gulaid.

Five co-optative Trustees (appointed for a term of 5 years): Lorna Dodd, Dr Aisha Newth, Phil Portwood, Lyn Robinson, (vacancy).



1. Relief in Need Charity

Grants totalling  £5,737 were made. Of these, most were for furniture and white goods and other essential items of household equipment.

2. Educational Charity

Grants totalling  £8,428 were made to students in various stages of further education.

3. Athawes Art Gallery

Grants totalling £2,663 were made.

4. John Perryn Relief in Need Fund

Grants totalling £2,200 were made.



Extract from the accounts for 2019:

Trustees are not remunerated and there are no employees.

Administration costs relate to website charges.

Governance costs relate to annual accounting.