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The Acton (Middlesex) Charities exist, through the generosity of many past residents, to bring relief and assistance to those living in the ancient parish of Acton. They bring together and rationalise many of the smaller charitable bequests made to St Mary’s Church from the sixteenth century to the present day. We no longer keep money specifically for coal, the newly married or bread (see History). We are sometimes able to be a support in areas when other agencies fail. We accomplish this in four particular ways, responding to different situations:

Relief in Need

To meet the needs of Acton residents

Referrals must be made through district and health visitors and other social services, or doctors or members of the clergy. Normally ‘residents’ means persons resident in the area for at least three years but special cases are considered. Grants are made to persons in conditions of need, hardship or distress. Grants can be made for the purchase of furniture or other household items; relief must be related to need in each case, and must be reasonable in the circumstances, taking into account any relief available from other sources. Money grants are not made; payments are made directly to suppliers of goods or services.

Because of the way the charity operates, a quick response may not always be possible; requests for grants of over £300 have to be referred to the trustees. Applicants must be resident in the ‘ancient parish of Acton’ (see Map).

John Perryn Relief in Need Fund

Grants can be made for the relief of need in Acton. Unlike the Relief in Need Charity, this money has no conditions attached except that the Trustees use it to relieve need in the geographical area of our jurisdiction.

Educational Charity

To assist in the education of students in maintained institutions in the British Isles

The charity makes grants of £300 p.a. to assist students, whose home residence is in Acton, with books or equipment. If there are more applications than funds, priority is given to students who have spent some part of their education in an Acton school. Students must be over 18 (and under 25) years of age, and have entered a full-time course in the UK, usually of at least three years, which will lead to a recognised qualification.

For further information see 'How to apply - Educational Charity'.

Athawes Art Gallery

Small grants are available to encourage local talent. We can also help with mounting exhibitions if the group or artist involved is in the Acton area.

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