Privacy Policy

Acton (Middlesex) Charities

Privacy Policy

Any person applying to the Charities for a grant has a right to know how we keep their personal data.  This Policy is designed to explain what information we collect, how we store it and how we protect it.  

What information we hold about you

The name, address and telephone number of an applicant is held, together with details of the grant requested and received and any other relevant personal information supplied in order to consider the application. An unsuccessful application is destroyed as soon as a reply is sent.

How we use information about you

The Clerk to the Trustees (of the Charities) holds this information for the purposes of proving that the expenditure has been made and what consideration was given to the application by the Trustees. The information is never sent to a third party and is destroyed after six years.

How we protect your information

We keep information about applicants on password protected computer files. Any paper copies we retain are stored securely.    

Any applicant is entitled to request a copy of the information about them that we retain.


24 May 2018

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