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Registered No. 312312

The Acton (Middlesex) Charities can make grants (currently of £300 p.a.) to assist students, whose home residence is in Acton, with books or equipment. Residence in Acton means that Acton is your home address, or was when you applied for your place. If there are more applications than funds, priority is given to students who have spent some part of their education in an Acton school. ‘Acton’ means the ancient parish or borough (see map). It does not necessarily coincide with the postal district W.3.

Students must be over 18 (and under 25) years of age, and have entered a full-time course in the UK, usually of at least three years, which will lead to a recognised qualification. Grants are not given for courses in private schools or institutions.

Do not apply unless you think you qualify, and not until you have begun the session of study. When you send the form, you must include with it written proof from your place of education that you have begun the session, and showing the subject(s) of your course. (Written proof needs to be submitted with every application, even in subsequent years of study.)


In the last couple of years, the number of applications for grants from local students has increased massively, outstripping our income. We are consequently forced to abandon our policy of giving a grant to all eligible applicants.

The following protocol will therefore apply for applications.

Applications will be processed in the following order:

1.  First-year applicants: students entering on their first year of study.

2.  First-time applicants: students who are already engaged on a course of study but are applying to us for support for the first time.

3.  Continuing students who have received a grant in the past, and are taking a three-year course.

4.  Continuing students who have received a grant in the past, and are taking a course of more than three years.

5.  Post-grad students.

All applications received during the period 1 September – 30 November will be considered for grants, according to the above protocol. All applicants will either receive the usual grant of £300 in December, or will be informed that their application has been unsuccessful. If there are more applications than funds, those with similar qualifications will be considered by date of receipt. If any funds remain available after all received applications have been processed, any further applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

A small amount of available funds will be reserved for applicants engaged in a local college in vocational courses of less than 3 years, who will be considered for grants of £100-200.

We are sorry if we have to disappoint some applicants, but we are a small charity and our funds are limited.

NB If the application form will not print correctly from your browser, email and we can email a copy of the form to you.


September 2019